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Herb of the month: Butterbur, the allergy fighter

Those of us who suffer from seasonal allergies know that fall can be just as miserable as spring. The major cause of allergies in autumn is weed pollen from plants […]


A Passion for Passion

Headed for Hawaii? Check out the Halekulani   I’ve just come home from Hawaii with an addiction. I’m hooked on passion. Our stay was at the historic Halekulani(“a house befitting […]


 A Righteous Sunday in Mar Vista, CA

Healing herbal tea, sunshine and champagne   June 19, 2014 – My house party book signing for The Doctor’s Book of Natural Health Remedies ( Galvanized Press/Random House) last week […]

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Take that, Kindle!

Great turnout on Wednesday, June 4, to hear me read from and talk about my new book, The Doctor’s Book of Natural Health Remedies (Galvanized Press/Random House). I love my […]


Peg Moline

Peg Moline has been involved in health and fitness journalism for 30 years. As the founding editor in chief of Fit Pregnancy magazine, she has been giving trusted advice to […]